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Where you choose to bank matters!

Consider your choice of bank to be a vote on where your money goes. Are your hard-earned deposits reinvested back into your local community or are they sent off to a big bank's corporate headquarters in another state or country?

Take a moment to consider how banking locally benefits your community. When you deposit your funds into a community bank, you can rest assured that your money is being reinvested into the community in the form of donations to local non-profits and loans to fellow residents and entrepreneurs. The same cannot be said for big banks.

Banking locally connects you to your community and your neighbors and gives everyone a stake in its financial success. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Community banks respect the communities they serve by doing right by their customers and community. Community banks and local communities have symbiotic relationships - one cannot thrive without the other.
  • Community banks are relationship lenders. They know their customers and understand their financial needs, unlike larger institutions that take a transaction-based approach to banking.
  • Community banks understand and celebrate local economies. As small businesses themselves, community banks are an unequivocal resource for entrepreneurs lookign to launch a local small business.
  • Community banks give back. Serving local communities is second nature to community banks which is why they are quick to support local non-profits and organizations in the form of donations and volunteerism.

Haverhill Bank has been proudly serving the communities of Greater Haverhill since 1877. This April, in honor of Community Banking Month, we encourage you to consider the benefits of choosing Haverhill Bank for all of your financial needs.

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